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A $150 - $250 Work bond Fee is a component of registration for which each family is assessed. Each family is required to work four (4) support activities one (1) of which must be GAME DAY concession stand. Successful completion of all Work bond assignments and the return of the uniforms/equipment are both required for a refund of your family’s work bond at the end of the season or to roll it over to next season. All requests for Work Bond refunds must be received prior to the start of the following season. i.e. by 08/01/21 for the 2020 Season work bond. Refund requests must be made directly to the .

For 2020, you have the option to "Buy Out" your work bond. You can pay a set amount of $150 with 1 child in the program or $200 with 2 children in the program. You then DO NOT have to work the required four (4) volunteer events. You ARE still required to participate in the Mandatory Raffle fundraiser and return all uniforms and equipment at the conclusion of the season.

NOTE: For those that select to "Roll Over" their work bond from prior seasons, the Board will confirm that families fulfilled their prior season work bond obligations. After verification, if it is found that you did not completely fulfill this requirement, your account will be charged the work bond amount due for 2020.

Home games are one of the biggest revenue-generating activities for our organization. Because the Dukes are a non-profit organization, run solely by volunteers, we depend upon multiple volunteers to organize and successfully manage a game day. The WorkBond Program is in place as a means of scheduling our volunteer staff and insuring that enough hands are available to complete the number of tasks at hand. A WorkBond is a non-interest bearing, one-time payment per family (not per child) that is refundable after a certain amount of volunteer activities are completed by the parents of team members.

 The WorkBond is $200 and is required at the time of registration. (Add $50 per additional children in the program)


Typical Workbond assignments include, but are not limited to the following:

Event Set-Up

Work with Committee Chairpersons to prepare for Game Day.
Requires 3-4 volunteers per game-day

Front Gate
Man the front gate of the field, charge for admission, and stamp hands.
Requires 2 volunteer per game 
Grill burgers and hot dogs, serve food, snacks, and drinks, and man the cash register.
Requires 5-6 volunteers per game

50/50 Lottery

Circulate the stands (home and visitor side) and sell lottery tickets.  The proceeds are then divided 50% to the winner and 50% to the Dukes organization.
Requires 2 volunteer per game

Chain Gang

Work on the sidelines of the field, move the down-markers and the dial-a-down.
Requires 3 volunteers per game

Event Clean-Up

Collect garbage from through-out the field area, clean up the concession stand, and help breakdown and stow the field equipment.
Requires 3-4 volunteers per game-day

Families who perform abundant volunteer activities for the organization are typically exempt from Workbond activities (ie board members). They are, however, required to submit the Workbond fee at the time of registration.

At the conclusion of the season, families who have completed their Workbond assignments, or who were exempt from assignments, may either request a refund of their Workbond fee or they may roll their Workbond over to the subsequent season.  

To receive proper credit for work bond activites, you must sign in on the designated sign in sheet. For game days, that can be found at the concession stand. 

If you have any questions about your Workbond assignments please contact

All Workbond refund requests must be submitted to the treasurer via email at by and completing the refund request form prior to 1st day of practice for the next new season, i.e. 08/01/21. All refunds beyond that date will be forfieted.