Program Information | Hillsborough Dukes Football & Cheer

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(Adopted October 31st 1968)  

The specific objectives of the Hillsborough Boys' Football Association are to inspire youth, regardless of race, creed or national origin; to practice the ideals of sportsmanship, scholarship and physical fitness; to familiarize all boys with the fundamentals of football; to provide an opportunity to play the game in a supervised, organized and safety-oriented manner; and to keep the welfare of participants free from any adult ambition and personal glory.


Pop Warner sets limits on the size of each team. A team may consist of 16-35 players and requires 1 head coach, 4 assistant coaches, equipment manager and a team commissioner. There are no tryouts. The players will be assigned to a team based on age and/or age &weight.


The 2022 season will begin on AUG 1, 2022.

AUG 1st – AUG 31st - practices will typlically be scheduled for Monday – Thursday from 6:00 to 8:30 pm for a total of 10 practice hours for the week. No team may schedule more than 10 hours of practice per week before Labor Day.

Flag Levels have a modified practice schedule. 

SEPT– End of the season - practices will be cut back to 3 nights a week for a total of 6 practice hours for the week. The specific nights will be announced during August. No team may schedule more than 6 hours of practice per week after Labor Day.

The season will continue through the end of November if the team qualifies for the post season or through mid-December if the team qualifies for Nationals.

If a team qualifies for Regionals, practices will continue throughout the month of November.  

If a team qualifies for Nationals, practices will continue for the first week of December, and travel to OrlandoFlorida.


Please make an effort to schedule your family vacations during June and July. Though we allow some flexibility for pre-arranged vacations, August is a critical month where skill sets are being evaluated and positions determined.


Although Flag is competitive there are no playoffs. This levels is for teaching and learning the game of football. All other levels will have a chance to make the playoffs.

The top two teams in their respective divisions will compete in the Central Jersey Pop Warner Championship games. The winner will advance to the Regional Championship games and then will have a change to move on to Nationals. The losers of the CJPW Championship games will then compete in the Garden State Games against the best New Jersey Pop Warner teams.   

National Championships are held at Disney World in OrlandoFlorida usually the second week of December. Pop Warner provides some competitive travel packages to offset the cost of this trip, which typically involves a 4 or 5 night stay in Orlando, complete with a park-hopper pass and meal tickets. Four to five days of school will be missed, and Pop Warner provides letters to the schools to explain the absence.   


Each Dukes tackle & flag football player will be fitted and issued the following gear and uniforms from the Dukes Equipment Manager:     
  • (1) - Helmet with face mask
  • (1) - Helmet chin-strap
  • (1) - Shoulder pads
  • (1) - Practice jersey [red]
  • (1) - Padded Game & Practice pants [black]
  • (2) - Gameday jersey [red & white]
  • (1) - Flag belt & flags (Flag football Only)

All these items are the property of the Dukes and must be maintained and return to the Equipment Manager at the end of the season to help qualify for the refund of your WorkBond.

Each player will need to provide the following personal items in order to completely ready to take the field:

  • Football shoes with non-metallic cleats
  • Practice and Game socks
  • Football Girdle Athletic supporter or Padded Football Shirt
  • Protective Cup
  • Mouth-guard (extras)

If any player is missing any piece of their gear come practice and game time, they will not be allowed to take the field out of regard for their own safety


Please follow the manufacturer's guidelines regarding the proper care and washing of uniforms:

  • Do not dry clean jerseys or pants
  • Do not use bleach
  • Do not use any fabric softener, this causes the screen printed numbers to separate from the fabric
  • Launder jerseys inside out, use high water level in machine, mild detergent, and cold or lukewarm water only. Uniform may be presoaked using Biz or Whisk if needed but should be washed as soon as possible so stains don't set in.
  • It is best to hang uniform, but may be put in the dryer on "air only" setting.    NO HEAT!     

Volunteers under 18 years of age - A Student Assistant must be with a rostered coach, and must comply with the same procedures as a rostered cheerleader/player. A Student Assistant can earn credit for volunteering as a Student Assistant. A form may be required for the coordinator/ coach to approve their volunteered time. The Student Assistant would then need to turn in this paper to their sports director.