Organization Bylaws | Hillsborough Dukes Football & Cheer

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Adopted – April, 1998
Revised – August, 2001
Revised – December, 2006
Revised – October, 2011
Revised - February 2013

Article 1 – Preamble

Section 1 – Organizational Name
  1. This organization shall be known as the Hillsborough Boys Football Association Incorporated, Hillsborough, NJ 08844.
  2. The organization shall operate under the DBA "Hillsborough Dukes". The officers of the organization are hereby empowered to apply for and maintain such designations with all appropriate authorities.
Section 2 – Purpose and Ideals
  1. The purpose of this association is to organize, finance, promote and generally supervise a Pop Warner football team and its cheerleading squads for the youth of Hillsborough Township and any surrounding township designated by the officers and affiliated league.
  2. The program will be consistent with the ideals of the National Pop Warner Association to encourage scholastic achievement, sportsmanship and citizenship.

Article 2 – Terms and Definitions

Section 1 – Association Names
  1. The football teams will be known as the "Dukes."
  2. The cheerleaders will be known as the "Dukes Cheerleaders."
Section 2 – Membership
  1. "General Membership" of the organization will include the following:
  1. Current Elected Officers
  2. Current Head and Assistant Coaches and Team Commissioners
  3. Parents and/or guardians of children participating in the program during the football and cheer season of the current calendar year.
  4. Other interested parties as approved by the Board of Directors.
  1. Regularly scheduled meetings of the General Membership are referred to as the monthly "General Meeting" and are described in Article 10 -Meetings.
  2. A "Member of Record" is anyone from the General Membership that has been recorded in attendance at any monthly General Meeting in the current calendar year, including the then-current meeting.
  3. A "Voting Member" is any Member of Record that meets the requirements per Article 6 -General Membership, Section 1 -Registration and Voting.
Section 3 – Elected Officers and Governing Boards
  1. The "Elected Officers" of the organization will consist of the following positions: President, Vice President, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Equipment Manager, Head Commissioner, and Head Cheerleading Commissioner. The maximum number of Elected Officers is 8.
  2. The "Appointed Officers" will consist of the Football Team and Cheer Team Commissioners, the appointed program-wide Football Commissioner and program-wide Asst. Cheer Commissioner, as well as the Committee Chairpersons as appointed by the Executive Board, which have in the past include Audit, Banquet, Budget, Bonfire/Family Fun Day, Concession, Golf Outing, Safety, Scholastics, and Workbond. The maximum number of Board members is 43.
  3. The "Board of Directors" will include Elected Officers, Appointed Officers and Head Football and Head Cheer Coaches. These Board members make up the main governing body of the organization. The Board's responsibilities also include oversight of organizational activities and are authorized to vote on financial matters. The maximum number of Board members is 43.
  4. The Executive Board will consist of the Elected Officers. The Executive members of the Board are charged with operational oversight and reporting to the Board of Directors and General Membership. The Executive Board may act with the power of the Board of Directors as necessary to operate the organization.
  5. More than one member of the same family may serve on the executive board at the same time but the second member must be voted in unanimously. Amended on October 18 th, 2015 and passed unanimously.

Article 3 – Election of Officers

Section 1 – Nomination Procedures
  1. At the October General Meeting (the "nomination meeting"), there shall be nominations from the floor for the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee shall consist of four (4) members consisting of one (1) current member of the Executive Board who shall be a non-voting committee member and three (3) members from the General Membership.
  2. At the October General Meeting, the members of the Nominating Committee shall be elected by majority vote of the General Membership in attendance. These persons shall be elected for the sole purpose of presenting the slate of persons to hold Executive Board positions for the following year.
  3. The "Nominating Committee" will present a slate at the November General Meeting, naming one (1) or more persons for each of the Elected Offices to serve for the next calendar year. Nominations for consideration for Elected Officers will also be accepted from the floor until the close of nominations at the December Election Meeting.
  4. Elections shall be held at the December General Meeting.

Section 2 – Term of Office
  1. Elected Officers shall serve for a term of one (1) year.
Section 3 – Elections
  1. Elections of Elected Officer positions shall be held at the December General Meeting from amongst those nominated at the nomination meeting. Any Voting Member, as defined in Article 6, Section 1, Paragraph C, shall be eligible to vote.
  2. Any member in arrears to the organization may not vote.
  3. The member receiving a majority of the votes cast shall be declared elected.
  4. In the case that a majority is not reached on the first ballot, a second ballot listing the two candidates who received the most votes is taken. In the unlikely event of an intractable tie, voting will be suspended for the office in question and will resume at the January General Meeting. The current officer of the position in question shall remain in office until resolved.
  5. Newly elected officers shall assume their respective positions on the First of January following their election.
Section 4 – Appointments
  1. The Head Commissioner and Head Cheer Commissioner shall appoint team Managers, subject to the ratification by the President, no later than the April General Meeting.
  2. The Head Commissioner and Head Cheer Commissioner shall appoint team head coaches, subject to the ratification by the President, no later than the April General Meeting.

Article 4 – Duties of Officers

Section 1 – President
  1. Shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors, Executive Board and General Membership, subject to Roberts Rules of Order 10th Ed. or most current, to preserve order, enforce the provisions of this Constitution and Mountain Valley Conference By-Laws and S.O.P.s and decide all questions of order, subject to an appeal by the members.
  2. Shall be exempt from voting except on the election of officers, candidates for membership, or in the case of an equally divided vote.
  3. Review all signed checks or account debits with the Treasurer on at least a monthly basis, and provide written advance approval for any amount over $5,000, regardless of method of payment. Only the President and Treasurer can authorize payments not to exceed $500 in aggregate per month for unbudgeted items. Any amount over $500 in aggregate per month requires approval of the Budget Committee or the Executive Board.
  4. Appoint all committee heads and be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.
  5. Appoint all non-standing members of the Budget Committee and its Chairperson.
  6. Assign duties to other Board Members.
  7. Appoint, with approval by a majority of the Board of Directors, special members to the Board as may be deemed necessary.
  8. Call special meetings of the General Membership, Executive Board, or Board of Directors with twenty-four (24) hours prior notice as may be necessary.
  9. Recommend to the Board of Directors any un-budgeted contribution to the Long-Range Fund in accordance with Article 17, Section 3 -Management of Funds.
Section 2 – Vice President
  1. Shall preside and exercise the authority of the President in the absence of the President.
  2. Assume oversight responsibility of all revenue-generating functions, including, but not limited to concession and golf outing activities.
  3. Become a standing member of the Budget Committee.
  4. May countersign all checks in the absence of either the President or Treasurer in the event that one of them is unavailable for signature.
Section 3 – Recording & Corresponding Secretaries
Recording Secretary
  1. Shall keep attendance of all members at General and Special Meetings.
  2. Accurately record minutes of the proceedings of all General and Special Meetings, and to file copies of all documents relating to the business of the organization including Pop Warner dues, insurance policies, tax filings, service contracts and any other material agreements or contracts involving the organization.
  3. Shall provide assistance to the Head Commissioner and Head Cheer Commissioner as needed to secure the following: General Meeting place(s) for the year, practice fields for the season, home game fields for the season, police and rescue squad for home games.
Corresponding Secretary
  1. Assist with communications between the organization, the General Membership and the public.
  2. Manage all communications of the organization at large, including but not limited to communications emails and Facebook listings.
  3. Oversee all marketing, public relations, and online efforts of the organization.
Section 4 – Treasurer
  1. Shall receive and deposit, in the organization's banking accounts, all monies received by the organization.
  2. Pay all bills accompanied by appropriate documentation (i.e., monthly invoice, purchase order, etc.) when duly authorized within the approved budget. Any bill that requires clarification for budgeting purposes will be referred to the President and Budget Committee Chairperson.
  3. Sign all checks or authorize debits, subject to the approval of the President, in keeping with the budget. Any payment over the amount of $5,000, regardless of method of payment, must be authorized in advance by the President in writing.
  4. Keep an accurate account of all receipts and disbursements and submit the accounts to an auditing committee, when called upon to do so.
  5. Prepare a written report on the condition of the organization's finances as of the end of the prior month to be available for review at the Executive and General meetings and upon request.
  6. Prepare Annual Budget with assistance of the President and Budget Committee, to be presented at the March meeting.
  7. Participate as a permanent member of the Budget Committee.
  8. Maintain a general inventory of goods offered for sale by the organization.
Section 5 – Commissioners
Head Commissioner
  1. Shall serve as liaison between the organization and any conference to which the Board, by a majority vote, may decide the organization shall become a member.
  2. Under Pop Warner Rules, the Head Commissioner is the HLA (Highest League Authority) in the Mountain Valley Conference. Therefore, before and during games, any problems encountered by coaches or team commissioners should be taken directly to the Head Commissioner so that he/she may approach referees or opposing Head Commissioners to seek resolution.
  3. Coordinate all activities of football play at home games. He/she must be in attendance at all games to greet the opposing team Head Commissioner, team commissioners and coaches so that procedures for the ensuing game run smoothly.
  4. Serve as team representative and handle all communications with head coaches.
  5. Schedule and communicate all pre-season scrimmages.
  6. With the President and Head Cheerleading Commissioner, appoint team commissioners according to Article 3, Section 4 herein.
  7. With the Head Cheerleading Commissioner, team commissioners and head coaches, develop and enforce a consistent discipline policy for both football and cheerleading squads.
  8. Ensure all coaches are certified in accordance with Pop Warner guidelines.
Head Cheerleading Commissioner
  1. Shall coordinate all activities of cheerleading at home games and competitions.
  2. Attend monthly MVC Cheer meetings and any additional cheer meetings that may arise.
  3. Responsible to coordinate with the Corresponding Secretary to secure all cheer practice areas.
  4. Responsible to coordinate with the Equipment Manager to order, issue and collect all cheer uniforms.
  5. With the President and Head Commissioner, appoint team commissioners according to Article 3, Section 4 herein.
  6. Ensure all coaches and team commissioners are certified in accordance with Pop Warner guidelines.
Team Managers
  1. Shall enforce all Pop Warner National, Regional, and Conference regulations and serve as respective team representatives at all practice sessions and games.
  2. Coordinate all team registration forms, rosters, team application forms, medical certification and fund-raising activities. Also, to secure all required documentation and certificates for official weigh-in and certification on National, Regional and Conference requirements.
  3. Secure proper handling and accountability for all funds he/she receives from team registrations and fund-raisers. All funds are to be given to the Treasurer
  4. Serve as team liaison to handle all communications between participants/parents and coaching staff and Head Commissioners.
  5. Responsible to coordinate with volunteers to arrange for refreshments at scrimmage and games, writing newspaper articles and taking game videos/pictures, spotter for opposing team and game announcers. 
  6. Are not permitted to serve in any game day coaching activities.
  7. Assist with equipment hand-out and collection.
Section 6 – Equipment Manager
  1. Shall provide care and maintenance of equipment and appropriate storage insuring that said equipment meets all applicable standards.
  2. Maintain an inventory of existing equipment and issue purchase orders as required.
  3. Train equipment personnel in the proper fitting of uniforms, especially helmets and shoulder pads.
  4. Together with the Head Commissioner, team commissioners and coaches fit and issue equipment and see to the collection of same.
  5. Assume responsibility for equipment transport to and from games.
  6. Assure that equipment personnel are present at all practices.
  7. Oversee all care, repair, preparation, and cleanup of practice fields and facilities, including but not limited to, line painting.
  8. Supply space for storage of all Cheerleading equipment and uniforms.
Section 7 – Head Coaches
Football Head Coaches
  1. Shall be properly certified.
  2. Select assistants, with approval of the Board.
  3. Adequately condition and train children for the purpose of preparing them for football competition.
  4. Inspire scholastic achievement, encourage sportsmanship and emphasize citizenship.
  5. Enforce a consistent discipline policy.
Cheerleading Head Coaches
  1. Shall be properly certified.
  2. Select assistants, with approval of the Board.
  3. Adequately condition and train children for the purpose of preparing them to inspire the crowds to inspire the teams.
  4. Inspire scholastic achievement, encourage sportsmanship and emphasize citizenship.
  5. Enforce a consistent discipline policy.
Section 8 – Appointed Officers
  1. It shall be the duties of the Appointed Officers to act as chairpersons of committees as appointed by the Executive Board.
Section 9 –Teams
  1. Once appointed/elected, Head Coaches and team commissioners shall be in attendance at all subsequent General and Special Meetings of the organization. In the event that the Head Coach and Team Commissioner cannot attend a scheduled meeting, he/she shall send a representative in his/her place. It is the team representative at the meetings who shall be responsible for disseminating applicable information from such meeting to his/her team. “A team representative sent by the team Head Coach and Team Commissioner will hold the proxy of said Head Coach or Team Commissioner, such proxy to count towards quorum, but not towards votes of the Board of Directors.”  No individual may hold more than one (1) such proxy.

Article 5 – Vacancies on the Board

Section 1 – Presidential Appointment
  1. The President shall appoint at a regularly scheduled General Meeting, with majority approval of the Elected Officers of the organization, persons to serve out the term of any office declared vacant.
Section 2 – Expulsion
  1. Any member of the Board of Directors, both elected and appointed, may be expelled by a vote of two-thirds of the members present at a regularly scheduled General Meeting of the organization, provided he/she has been duly notified of charges two (2) weeks prior to said meeting.

Article 6 – General Membership

Section 1 – Registration and Voting
  1. Any person within the General Membership wishing to become a voting member of this organization must register with the Recording Secretary by signing the attendance record at a regularly scheduled General Meeting.
  2. Voting privileges become effective upon registration except as provided in Article 6, Section 1, Paragraph C and those issues relating to Pop Warner National, Regional, Conference and/or financial matters. The Board of Directors is responsible for voting on these issues.
  3. The privilege to vote for Elected Officers at the December General Meeting is conferred upon Members of Record in good standing who have attended a minimum of two (2) General Meetings, one (1) of which must be a General Meeting held between August through December of that calendar year.
  4. Football and Cheer coaches that are conducting practice during a general meeting shall be given credit for attendance at the meeting.  The Head Commissioner and Cheer Commissioner are responsible to report to the President which coaches were present at practice during the meeting.

Article 7 – Special Committees

Section 1 – Budget Committee
  1. The President shall appoint a "Budget Committee". The committee will consist of the duly elected Treasurer and Vice President as permanent members and three appointed members. To the extent possible, appointed committee members should possess a broad knowledge of the organization's financial needs.
  2. The Budget Committee will review and make recommendations on all expenditure requests that exceed Five Hundred dollars ($500.00) or any expenditure request not in the current year's approved budget. The decision of the Budget Committee is binding and any challenge, with intent to reverse that decision, must be approved by an 80% affirmative vote by the Board of Directors attending an official Meeting where a Voting Quorum has been established pursuant to Article 10, Section 4.
  3. The Budget Committee will present the Budget at the March General Meeting for majority ratification by the General Membership.
Section 2 – Audit Committee
  1. Three auditors shall be recommended by the current President at the January General Meeting, one of which shall be chosen by a majority of the Board present, who will audit the financial books of the organization and report to the newly elected officers at the March General Meeting.
  2. The Audit Committee should, to the extent practical, review a representative sample of financial transactions for the general account, special accounts (i.e., concession), savings deposits, and outstanding loans. The committee should validate proper authorization (i.e., duel signatures), paperwork (i.e., receipt, bill of lading, etc.), and ledger entries have been made. Any questionable practices and/or transactions should be reported along with committee recommendations. The findings of the Audit Committee shall be submitted in writing to the Board and General membership and shall become part of the permanent records of the organization.
Section 3 – By-Laws Committee
  1. "By-Laws Committee" shall be appointed by the President as needed, with the approval of a majority of the Board, who will review the current By-Laws and report to the General Membership as needed. Any revisions must be done in accordance with Article 11, Section 2 -Amendments to Existing Bylaws.

Article 8 – Purchases (Debt)

Section 1 – Purchases by Members
  1. No member shall contract any debt on account, or in the name of the organization, in an amount over five hundred ($500.00) for any non-budgeted item, except by authority of the budget committee or an 80% majority of the Board Members present at any General Meeting or Presidential Assembly. All purchase requests must be accompanied by a purchase order or price quotation.
  2. The Treasurer and President can approve payment of any debt for un-budgeted items on account under an amount of five hundred dollars ($500.00).
  3. All committees acting with Board approval after an approximate cost of event is presented, shall be able to purchase needed supplies and services from event proceeds and must submit a Committee Report with all receipts upon completion of the event.
  4. All purchases totaling more than $2000 (i.e., football and cheer uniforms, equipment, large capital improvements, etc.) must be submitted to the budget committee in accordance with Article 8, Section 1, Paragraph A accompanied by three (3) price quotations or bids. Approved purchases should represent the best overall value to the organization.
  5. Where appropriate, a copy of product warranty, user instructions, and service contracts should be filed with the Recording Secretary.

Article 9 –Dissolution

Section 1 -Minimum Membership
  1. This organization shall not be dissolved while there can be found five (5) members who are willing to continue.
Section 2 -Notification and Disbursement of Funds
  1. In the event dissolution becomes necessary, a special meeting shall be called for the purpose and all members of the Board notified two (2) weeks in advance.
  2. Prior to dissolution, all outstanding debts must be paid. Any remaining funds will be donated to one or more charitable youth organizations in Hillsborough Township per a majority vote of the remaining General Membership.

Article 10 –Meetings

Section 1 – Presidential Assembly
  1. The President as requested by any Board Member can call a Board of Directors Meeting.
Section 2 – Regularly Scheduled Meetings
  1. The officers will hold the General Meeting on the first Wednesday of each month, unless otherwise specified, at a time and place designated.
  2. The Elected Officers will hold a meeting of the Executive Board once per month or more frequently as decided by the members of the Elected Officers.
Section 3 – Length of Individual Discussion
  1. No member shall speak more than twice on the same question, nor for a longer period than five minutes, with leave of the presiding chairperson, nor more than once until every member choosing to speak has spoken.
Section 4 – Voting Quorum
  1. Ten (10) members of the Board of Directors in attendance shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of new business or the ratification of any proposals at a General Meeting or Presidential Assembly.
  2. Four (4) members of the Executive Board in attendance shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of new business or the ratification of any proposals at a meeting of the Executive Board.

Article 11 – Adoption of By-Laws

Section 1 – Effective Date
  1. This constitution, when adopted in whole, shall go into effect immediately.
Section 2 - Amendments to Existing By-Laws
  1. No part of this Constitution shall be repealed, altered or suspended unless a proposal has been noted by the Recording Secretary specifying the intended amendment has been read to the members of the organization at two (2) consecutive monthly General Meetings.
  2. A majority affirmation vote of all the General Members present at the second meeting of the General Membership is required to adopt any amendment.
  3. A complete copy of this Constitution and By-Laws as amended will become a permanent record of the organizations and shall be made available to all members upon request.
Section 3 – Disagreement of Intent
  1. If any disagreement arises as to the true intent or meaning of this Constitution, a majority vote of the Board of Directors present shall decide the question if not designated in Roberts Rules of Order.

Article 12 – Registration

Section 1 – Advertising of Registration
  1. Registration for boys/girls will be publicly advertised.
Section 2 – Registration Date
  1. Registration for boys/girls will be held no later than April 1 st of the current year.
Section 3 – Registration Limits
  1. Registration for each football and cheerleading team will be limited to the maximum number of children allowed by existing Pop Warner rules. Where appropriate, a waiting list can be established based on the order registrations were received.
Section 4 – Late Registration
  1. Late registrations can be accepted as long as they are complete. If a waiting list has been established, late registrations are added as they are received.

Article 13 – Post-Season Play

Section 1 – Length of Season
  1. The football season begins on August 15t and will continue per Pop Warner regulations. As of the date of this revision, the season currently ends approximately December 20th
  2. The cheer season begins on August 15t and will continue per Pop Warner regulations. As of the date of this revision, the season currently ends approximately December 20th; however, there is an option to extend the season for a full year (until approx. June 15th ) in accordance with Pop Warner regulations.
Section 2 – Post-Season Attendance
  1. Should post-season play or competition be offered, participating coaches and children in that division of play are expected to attend.
  2. Funding of post-season play or competition shall be determined by a majority vote of the Executive Board dependent upon available funds.

Article 14 – Fund-Raising

Section 1 – Mandatory Participation
  1. All registered families are required to fulfill the major fund-raising obligation(s) as will be stated in the registration paperwork. Failure to do so will subject those children to being "benched" from practice, games, travel and post­season activities until fund raising obligations are met.

Article 15 – Work Bond

Section 1 – Mandatory Commitment
  1. A work bond will be required by every family registering a child to play football/cheer. The Hillsborough Boys Football Association work bond is set at a minimum of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) per family and is non-interest bearing. For families with 2 or more athletes participating in the program an additional fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) will be added to the workbond requirement.  The maximum Workbond a family could be responsible for is two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00)  
  2. The Executive Board may from time to time change the amount of the work bond subject to the minimum amount dictated in Article 15, Section 1, paragraph A. This amount must be set before the first registration of the current season is accepted.
  3. The Executive Board may from time to time set the number of work hour sessions required during the season, as well as which volunteer roles act as work bond-fulfilling activities, for completion of the work bond requirement.
Section 2 – Exclusions
  1. There will be no exclusions to the work bond requirement except for hardship cases that will be taken on an individual basis with the concurrence of the President and Head Commissioner.
Section 3 – Refund Requirements
  1. The work bond will be returnable upon completion of the required activities established for the current season.
  2. The work bond will be returnable upon selling the Minimum number of family raffle tickets.
  3. A work bond refund will ONLY be issued after the return of ALL equipment and uniforms in good condition.
  4. A refund needs to be requested in writing before the start of the next season.
  5. Please click here for a copy of the refund form.  You can then either forward a copy of this completed form to or mail a hard-copy of your refund request to: 

Hillsborough Dukes
P.O. Box 7061
Hillsborough , NJ 08844

Section 4 – Refund Process
  1. Any family completing their required hours must submit a written request for the return of their respective work bond.
  2. Work bond and or registration refunds will be submitted by the Dukes no later than the second week of the following season.
Section 5 – Parental/Guardian Responsibility
  1. It is the responsibility of each parent/guardian to fulfill the activities assigned by the Workbond Committee or to contact a committee chairperson to volunteer their required time.
Section 6 – Recording Responsibility
  1. Each committee chairperson will be required to accurately record the time of each volunteer.

Article 16 – Awards

Section 1 – No Individual Athletic Awards
  1. No awards will be presented for individual athletic achievements (MVP, Best Defensive Player, etc.). Team awards (Banquet Trophies) received by every participant is permissible.
Section 2 – Championship Recognition
  1. Any tackle football team or non-exhibition cheerleading team being declared the champion at a conference, state, regional or national tournament, will receive championship recognition in the form of individual jackets, equipment bags or the equivalent. The Budget Committee and Executive Board will determine by majority vote the dollar amount allowable for said purchase based on available funds.
  2. "Champion" is defined as a team which is invited to advance to the next level of play or competition.

Article 17 – Long-Range Fund

Section 1 – Use of Proceeds
  1. An investment fund will be created for the sole purpose of saving toward the purchase and development of the organization's own practice/game facilities.
  2. The Treasurer, Budget Committee Chairperson, and President will be responsible for investing of the Long-Range Fund. The Treasurer will provide quarterly Fund reports to the Board of Directors.
  3. No proceeds from this fund will be used for any other purpose except by an 80% vote of the Executive Board of Directors.
Section 2 – Funding Commitment
  1. The Budget Committee shall consider dedicating available funds to the Long Range Fund as a reoccurring budgeted expense.
  2. The level of financial commitment will be determined by the Budget Committee and ratified as part of the budget per Article 7 Section 1.
  3. The Budget Committee, as necessary, will recommend to the Board of Directors the amount of budgeted funds available for deposit to the Long Range Fund. This recommendation must be approved by a majority vote before the Treasurer is authorized to transfer funds.
  4. Any surplus funds (in excess of current or anticipated budgets) available at the end of the fiscal year will be considered for deposit into the Long-Range Fund. Assuming surplus funds are available, the President shall make a funds transfer recommendation seeking a majority vote of the Board of Directors by the April General Meeting.
  5. The organization must have a least one year's operating funds in savings before the Budget Committee will consider a Long-Range Fund contribution or the President recommends a transfer from surplus funds.
Section 3 – Management of Funds
  1. Any Long-Range funds must be invested in low risk investments such as insured money markets, government securities and/or bonds carrying the highest institutional or government ratings for stability and credit worthiness. No more than half the Long-Range Fund will be invested in public stock mutual funds. Any considered mutual funds must carry a high degree of "Blue Chip" diversification (Le., Dow Index fund) with the lowest expense and sales load reasonably available in conjunction with the highest institutional ratings (Le., Morning Star: 5 star rating). These investment guidelines may become more conservative as major expenditures (i.e., land purchase, practice field construction, etc.) draw near. 
At the official General Meeting on February 13 2013, the Membership affirmed by majority vote this constitution and By-Laws as revised.


Accepted by: _SIGNATURE ON FILE__
( Jay Scott, President)
On behalf of the Board of Directors