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Football Policies and Financial Responsibility 

Flag and Tackle Football Registration is Free. Work bond & Mandatory Raffle particpation are required. 

After registering, a payment plan screen will appear. The total amount due based on your selections during the registration process will be listed where it states THE COST FOR THIS PROGRAM IS: $XXX OR Amount Outstanding: $XXX. Please understand amounts listed in the payment plan are the maximum amounts that will be charged to your credit card on file on that date. You will only be charged until YOUR program cost is paid in full. Questions please contact .

Work bond Terms and Conditions (aka Work Bond Policy):

A work bond is required for every family registered for the upcoming season.  This includes new families, families who received their work bond refund, families that did not fulfill their prior year’s requirements, and families who opted for the Work Bond Buy Out for the prior season.  Please review the options as you must choose from below:

  • Option 1: A $200 refundable work bond deposit

Choose to submit a $200 work bond deposit and receive a refund/rollover if the following requirements must be met- completion of 4 volunteer hours, return of all player and/or coaches’ uniforms/equipment, and completion of the organization’s required raffle.  Failure to complete all requirements will lead to the surrender of your work bond.  Work bond refund requests can be made by submitting the refund request form to the treasurer via email at Note:  Rollover selections made will be verified and if not met your account will be charged the required 2021 $200 work bond.

  • Option 2:  A $150 Work Bond Family "Buy Out"

Choose to pay $150 to avoid having to complete the required four (4) volunteer hours. Participation in the mandatory Organization Raffle fundraiser and returning all equipment/uniforms is still REQUIRED.


Mandatory Raffle Fundraiser 
The Dukes are a non-profit organization and are dependent upon our fundraising activities. We will have one mandatory fundraising activity for the season. Our annual calendar raffle requires our families to sell a minimum of 20 raffle tickets at a total value of $200. 

All families to include all members of any coaching staff and board members are also required to sell the minimum of 20 raffle tickets.

You have the option of paying for your raffle tickets in advance during the registration process, when you receive them during the early part of our season, or after selling your tickets. All raffle ticket money is due by AUGUST 27, 2021. 

Your child will not receive their game day uniform until all raffle ticket money is turned in. 


2021 Season
Practice begins on Monday, August 2, 2021. 
All outstanding paperwork and payments must be submitted prior to your child receiving equipment and/or practice uniforms.